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The Stage was the first personal website of the person behind Tigote Design, Melissa Oringer. In the bad old days, she used to run a BBS; for those who remember terminal programs, ANSI art, user meets and toll charges, she was the sysop for The Stage, a proud member of NIRVANAnet(tm) and PODSnet.

When the Internet entered common usage, BBSing fell to the wayside since e-mail lists, online chats and web-based discussion boards were significantly cheaper and more real-time.

The Stage website was born, featuring her writings, songs, poetry and a wonderful web-based discussion board in honor of the old BBS. Click on the thumbnail or link below to see an enlarged screenshot of the old homepage.

The Stage website has since been renamed and redesigned as Blessed Bees.

Click here or on the thumbnail below to view an enlarged screenshot of The Stage homepage.


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