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Purpose of site: the Marketing Intranet is the primary vehicle for the Wind River sales force to train and research over 100 products, partners and markets (Wind River sells into many traditional "horizontal" markets). The site is also the resource for Marketing employees to share information, procedures and tools. Additionally, the entire company looks to the website for Corporate Communications information.

Constraints: Wind River sales people are typically on the go and want to get online and right off again. They often times are hampered by a dial-up connection (56k) and view through laptops. There is an enormous amount of information available - the challenge is to lead the sales person to the information quickly and easily.

Because the Wind River Intranet is internal, no links can be made to view the websites themselves. Please click on any of the links below to view an enlarged screenshot.

(Note: text in screenshots is intentionally blurred to protect Wind River confidential information. Web pages and Wind River trademarks are property of Wind River and are displayed by permission of Wind River.)


Marketing 2.0 Home
Wind River Marketing 2.0 Main
Index page containing "What's New Highlight" and primary links to audience portals

Marketing Audience Home PagesAudience Home Pages

In order to organize the large amount of information, a portal approach was taken:

Sales Audience
Marketing Audience

Second Level Navigation Second Level Navigation
Each navigation link has an additional mouseover graphic called "Info Text" giving a brief explanation of the area in question:

Product InformationContent

The most challenging area was Product Information; each product has a designated coverage of over 10 categories:

Product Information
Product Family Navigation
Browsing A Product

Downloads:  Hot Facts Download Listing
There are many areas where there are listings of downloadable files; each one is archived with the file size of the ZIP displayed.

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