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Wind River Marketing Intranet 1.0

The Wind River Marketing Intranet website consists of 9 separately maintained websites totally over 600 pages containing a vast amount of information.

The primary users of the Marketing website are the Wind River Sales force followed by Marketing itself, Engineering and the rest of the Marketing employee membership.

There were two main considerations to take into account for the design of these sites: many of the Sales membership access the websites via dial-up, requiring optimal bandwidth, and many of the Engineering membership access the websites using the UNIX host and the older Netscape 3.x UNIX browser.

Because the Wind River Intranet is internal, no links can be made to view the websites themselves. Please click on any of the links below to view an enlarged screenshot.

(Note: text in screenshots is intentionally blurred to protect Wind River confidential information. Web pages and Wind River trademarks are property of Wind River and are displayed by permission of Wind River.)


Marketing Home Wind River Marketing Main

Wind River Embedded Internet Embedded Internet

Insider Info Wind River Insider Info


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