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As a Web Site Lead for Harding Marketing Communications, worked at HP's Cupertino office dedicated to various HP internal website projects.

Responsibilities include consulting (scoping, planning, architecture and analysis), implementation (navigation, copy writing, coding, graphic design), QA and release. Maintenance includes managing and implementing updates submitted by various HP editors via web-based work management tool owned by HMC. Work in coordination with Web Developers, copy editors and graphic designers as necessary. Ensure that the sites fit the HP Intranet design rules. Implement custom templates, javascript navigation, and style sheets within those guidelines.

NOTE: because these websites are HP confidential, no screenshots are available online. If you wish to be sent a CD with screenshots of my work for HP, please contact me.

Notable projects include:

NSP Business Unit: Merge European regional site into central site, refresh both with new look and feel, content organization, architecture, and navigation within the context of the HP Intranet design rules. Extract DTP files (MS office, Acrobat and videos) from existing European ASP database and merge with content of new site. Flow in new regional content. Create and integrate two Cold Fusion databases: customer reference and training course finder. Design UI for course finder.

IT Solutions SDC: Phased site refresh: (1) Bring existing site into accordance with HP Intranet design rules. (2) Refresh individual solution categories with as "portals". (3) Create central database that automates collateral for portals, news, and events.


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