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Stanford Alumni Association

As a Content Manager for the Online group, design and code for the main site as well as design and code the UI for various web applications.

SAA Home PageThe main site of the SAA is completely data driven, using TCL and JSP. The CMS is proprietary, and while the interface is clumsy, it is quite powerful. The most complex example of backend work can be seen in the Reunion Homecoming section for 2003.

Other notable sections include STARS, and the Alumni Education Book Salon subsite. SAA  RH2003 Home PageAlso responsible for the events, and in the process of architecting and designing a new regional approach to events, clubs and discussion groups. Finally, the entire site will be migrating to a new code base and CMS in March of 2004 when SAA outsources with a company in Texas for hosting and backend development. Major responsibilities include redesigning the navigational approach to the site.

STANFORD magazine Home PageIn addition to the main site, successfully designed and launched a complete refresh for the awards winning magazine, STANFORD. In addition, the magazine people wanted to be able to manage the site themselves, so extensive use of Dreamweaver MX templates were created, as were the snippets feature. Check out back issues before July, 2003 to see the old design.

User Interface Design:

In addition to creating the UI for various small web applications within the site styleguides (the Stanford Career Center and the ATNC Application Review, to name two), architected, designed and coded for the three following web applications:

Stanford InCircle Home Page after loginThe Stanford InCircle project is a portal that allows alumni to network in a variety of ways, with the methods being inspired by the premise of 6 degrees of separation. The backend was coded by two recent Stanford grads who have now kicked off their own start-up, Affinity Engines. Follow this link to see the mocked-up site (note that it only works on IE - the aspx code base took that code and made it Netscape compatible). NOTE: Due to the site being restricted to Stanford Alumni, the site itself is confidential. The link goes to a copy of the mocked-up code that was used by the backend programmers. After opening the site, click the "LOG IN" button to begin.

Club and Class websitesClub and Class Websites that were easy to use and didn't require any knowledge of HTML or design were are in high demand by alumni. Designed and coded four alternative websites, with varying degrees of flexibility, with minor navigational variations between Clubs and Classes.

Admin Tools for Club and Class sitesDesigned and coded the Admin Tools for Club and Class Websites. These use the SAA site wrapper yet sit on the hosting server. This tool customizes both the UI for the chosen template and is where the alum enters content for the site. Please note that this is the mock-up that was used as the code base for the developers as the live site is confidential to Stanford alumni.

The SAA Discussion Group application was originally scoped to replace the use of Majordomo for alumni mailing lists. The new backend allowed for a great deal of flexibility towards creating an online portal for alumni communities. Designed and coded the UI. Please note that this is the mock-up that was used as the code base for the developers as the live site is confidential to Stanford alumni.


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